1. All applications must be sent prior to April 15th 2019. This will be the oficial cut off date. 

2. We will be selecting a minimum of 30 bands. If we receive over 30 applications, then we will will draw 30 applications from those submitted. . If we have less than 30, everyone who registers will be allowed to participate (based on applicants review by contest organizers) 

3. Once a band is selected, they will be charged a $300 flat rate to enter the competition.

4. A legitimate band will consist of no less than 3 members, and no more than 7 members. 

5. NO ELECTRIC instruments other than bass. 

6. Bands with current recording deals/ contracts with existing record labels will not be eligible 

7. Judging will be done on Thursday and Friday by 3 judges who have good musical backgrounds, and may also be professional musicians on the bluegrass circuit 

8. Bands will be judged on musicianship, vocals and harmonies, band dynamics, entertainment value, competence in solos, fill-ins, stage presence. We will have a list posted backstage with all final details of scoring. 

9. Bands will have 2 minutes to introduce band members and share band information with the audience. 

10. There will be a section of the scoring sheets that will judge on arrangements and harmony. Be sure that songs have harmony, or points will be lost. Also, original arrangements will receive higher scores than performing someone else’s arrangement. 

11. No one will be allowed to compete in more than ONE band 

12. All bands will perform on the same microphone setup at same volumes and settings. No changes will be made except for feedback. 

13. No songs can be repeated by a band. 2 songs per round. If band makes it to 2nd round, they will be required to play 2 new songs. Strictly no repeats. 

14. All bands must be ready to perform at their assigned time. We ask all bands/ members to be back stage 15 minutes prior to their playing spot. Points will be taken away from bands who are tardy. The contest is a continuous running show, and time slots MUST be adhered to. ANY SLOT CHANGES must be approved by staff. 

15. First day band slots will be decided from a drawing where a member of each band will draw for their spot. Contact the staff for any questions not discussed here.

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